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An exercise program is a crucial part of your therapy to achieve pain relief, muscle balance, range of motion, strength and function. Based on your history and examination findings, your physiotherapist will prescribe specific exercises.

What you need to do: 

  1. The dosage prescribed is optimal for your healing and function; it is essential to be compliant with this dosage to obtain the desired result.
  2. If you are not compliant with the exercises you cannot expect any improvement, however carrying out more than prescribed may cause further tissue damage and inflammation.


Why is an exercise program important:

  1.  There is a substantial amount of time between physiotherapy visits which you must take advantage of to accelerate healing time and reduce costs for you. Often an exercise program is pivotal to your success.
  2. For example, strengthening a muscle group requires gradual overload three times per week for a 6 week period to achieve an improvement in strength.
  3. The benefit of one exercise session is not maintained if the exercises are discontinued. Your exercise program needs to be progressed at intervals throughout your recovery.


When to stop:

  1. If you experience pain or deterioration of your symptoms when performing the exercises; discontinue your exercise program and call your physiotherapist for advice. However some exercises will be uncomfortable or may cause further discomfort initially (Your physiotherapist will discuss symptom management if this applies to you).
  2. Continue your exercises until symptom free for 3 weeks.  If symptoms return, recommence exercises and contact your physiotherapist if required.
  3. Some exercises will need to continued daily for long term maintenance.


Compliance with your exercise program is important for a successful outcome.