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Fees (from 1 January 2015)

Initial private consultation
Subsequent consultation
Extended consultation




Extended consultation with a physiotherapist is for a 1 hour appointment. It is your choice to book  a  longer treatment session.
We have other specialised physiotherapy services available and will discuss costs with you.

Cancellation: We require 2 hours notice of cancellation or a non-reporting fee of $20-00 will be charged


ACC Co-Payments

Initial visits    
Most subsequent Visits 
Visits exceeding 25 minutes

ACC home visits
Brief subsequent visits







ACC covers injury resulting from an accident. We can register your ACC claim, so you can come straight to us. If you require time off work, or have a Gradual Process Work injury, you will need to see you Doctor.  For more information see www.acc.govt.nz


Central Otago Health Services Ltd 

We can offer treatments fully funded by Central Otago Health Services Limited. There is a limited volume per year available, with patients discharged from Public Hospitals, or Public Hospital Clinics, and Frail Elderly having priority. Please ask if you think you may be eligible.