Manual Therapy - Cromwell Physiotherapy, Cromwell, Central Otago

Manual Therapy, Cromwell Physiotherapy, Cromwell, Central Otago

Manual Therapy treats joint and muscular disorders of both the spine and limbs by mobilization and manipulation of joints including high velocity thrust techniques, combined passive mobilization with active exercises, myofascial manipulation and trigger point release.
Pain from joints both in the spine and the limbs can be greatly reduced by manual therapy techniques to allow comfortable movement. Where joints are stiff after injury or with degenerative joint conditions, mobilisation can greatly aid the recovery of function. Spinal joints can refer pain to distant areas, e.g. neck joints causing headaches, back joints causing buttock or thigh pain.

Mobilisation varies in range of movement, strength, and speed of thrust. Some techniques are slow, gentle, large range of movement; others are small, they may have a high velocity thrust, or sustained end point. Techniques are chosen depending on the examination findings and the training of the Physiotherapist.
Mobilisation and Manipulation improve function by increasing the range of movement of a joint, and by stimulating the nervous system.
Myofascial manipulation aims to increase function by reducing the tension in muscles and fascia to allow the joints to move more freely.

Trigger Points are small bundles of tense muscle fibres with a taut band which may cause an increase in tension of the whole muscle, and refer pain to distant structures, or cause pressure on nerves. E.g. some buttock muscles can cause leg pain, that is not a result of nerve root pressure.

Trigger Points can be released by sustained pressure, allowing the muscle to relax, lengthen and stop referring pain to distant areas. Once the muscle relaxes the underlying joints are able to move more freely. When pressure is put onto a trigger point pain is reproduced, but over a minute or two this subsides with a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The muscle and joint are moved to the increased range of movement allowed. Cold spray and stretch and Acupuncture also treat Trigger Points and may be used as alternatives or in conjunction with Myofascial work.

Safety and Consent:
You will have the technique, benefits and risks explained by your physio and be asked for your consent before each high velocity thrust. Some people prefer to avoid these techniques. There are often other options.